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Are you homeless?

provides transitional housing for homeless individuals and families in their efforts to regain economic self-sufficiency and independence.

Homeless has been helped
Homeless Back On Their Feets

You're homless but you're in some type of goberment program?

You could qualify, for a rental space in our facilities, you can contact your social worker and ask what type of program you’re in, they could pay a portion of your rent or even sometimes full amount, while you get back on your feet.
Social Worker

Contact your social worker and tell him or her about our program, tell him or her that you would like to regain your stability but you need a place to lay your head while you stabilize again.

Next Step

The next step is to contact us with your qualification or ask your worker to contact us directly for more detailed information.

Are you a social worker?

If you are a social worker and you would like to contact us, on behalf of an interested party in one of our spaces for homeless people, or you just have any questions, please feel free to dial directly or fill out the form and we will respond as soon as possible.

About Us

Transitional Permanent  Housing was founded in 2018 with the purpose of serving the homeless and providing them with a home where they can live in peace and save as much as possible to return to their normal lives. The United States is a country of opportunities and freedom, you can live as you want because it is your right, but having your own things is also your right as a human being, many people are just going through a rough patch and all they need is a hand that can give them at least a safe place to sleep.

We have met great businessmen who, due to depression or a bad move in their business, have become homeless and even sleep where they can, those types of people who have goals in life and want to get back what they had. It is the people we want to help.


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Happy Stories

Creating Vibrant Smiles for Healthy Lifestyles!
Great Place to stay it was very Helpful for me and my wife
Dorothy Palmer
I was homless for a while, I followed the indications that I found on this website and I was able to receive help from my worker and they gave me a safe place to live, thanks to them and their help I now have a job.
Randy Tran
I tried to qualify in the program but I was not qualified by my social worker, even so I am very happy that there are places like these to help the homeless
Amy Turner
great place
Juam Perez
Sam D.
Joe Alan

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